Sex wanda fairly odd parents

It surprises me what kind of things can get past the studio, and this magical sex toy for a baby is definitely one of those things. There you have it, Wanda cheated on Cosmo. Big Hero 6Parody: Turns out, the Turner parents like to get a little kinky in the bedroom. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. It's used in a ton of dirty puns.

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I'm not a parent myself but one of the reasons why I don't want them is because they're pretty much certified dream-crushers.

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Parody: The Fairly OddParents

Breaking The Rules 2 Sex Comic. With all the crazy stuff that goes on in Timmy's room, I bet that his parents just think he's aggressively masturbating all the time. The Fairly OddParentsson. The Fairly OddParentsvore. Breaking The Rules 2 Sex Comic. While Timmy is rolling on the floor laughing at his fairy dad's new boobs, Cosmo says in all seriousness that he's keeping them. In attempts for Cosmo's mom to prove that Cosmo is an idiot so that he'll come back home to her, she plays this clip for everyone to see.

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sex wanda fairly odd parents

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